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Early March Update: Elon Tonight is up and running!

March 9, 2010

Hey Party People!

Welcome to the Elon Tonight Blog, March Update edition!

So, I apologize in advance for the delay, but we have been initially approved by the Elon Television board! Yay! SOOO now we are officially an unofficial E-TV show! Now we are charged with making a pilot in the next 23 days (YIKES!) that will be judged before we leave for the summer (DOUBLE YIKES!) to decide if we will become (Drum Roll Please….) an officially official E-TV show that will start in the fall. So wish us luck!

Now, for the March update!

  • The first writer’s meetings have been completed and we’ve got some great skits on the way to you guys! Stay tuned for updates!
  • I am currently sitting in on the first Round Table meeting where writers and actors unite in a frenzy of sketch-reading and, of course, brainstorming! Here is an exclusive little video snippet from the first read-through of one of the sketches entitled “The Real World: ELON.” Enjoy!
  • Pending what is discussed during the duration of this meeting, I’ll have much more for you next time! Be looking for sketch updates and the like on all of our various outlets (listed below) during the duration of the month!

Have an amazing March! Keep checking our Twitter, Facebook, and of course, this blog for more updates!

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