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Organization ROCKS. And so does pH.

April 15, 2010

Hey Blogosphere!

Just wanted to shoot you a quick update and let you know that the cast and crew of Elon Tonight are all currently compiled at our first group meeting since the uber-successful premiere! Today, we’re discussing the new and improved (mostly new!) structure of ET, and how the Execs, Producers, PR Team (WOO!), actors, writers, and directors all work together. To demonstrate this to you guys visually, here is a handy-dandy diagram that our Execs, Chris Bosak and Ashlee McCullock, drew on the board.

Obviously, that made it perfectly clear. YAY FOR ORGANIZATION.

On another note, pH, our musical collaborators and resident rap geniuses, have just released their first video, “Ode to Smith Jackson,” on the Elon Tonight YouTube channel! This was just released last night, and it has just exploded on Facebook! Check it out below!

That’s it for this quick update! Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for more updates and videos from the pilot episode!

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