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We’re Baaaaaaaaack. And not in a creepy way.

September 7, 2010

Oh HEY, blogosphere! We’ve missed you!

We’re sure you all have just been dying this summer without your dose of Elon Tonight. WELL, the wait is over people! We are back and even better than before. Time to strap on that seat belt and get ready for a full-fledged, fresh season of Elon Tonight! That’s right… Elon’s first and ONLY sketch comedy show is back in the game, writings scripts and taking names! (Too cheesy? Meh. I couldn’t resist.)

But in all seriousness, our cast and crew is growing daily, and with our awes Executive Board and all these new, talented folks hopping on the ET bandwagon, (and surely more to come in the upcoming weeks,) it’s bound to be a great year for sketch comedy at Elon! SO GET PUMPED.

Be on the lookout for a new promotional spot in the coming weeks! I won’t reveal too much, except to say it’s going to be hilarious! (As if you had any doubt about THAT.)

Also, check out our Youtube Channel to watch the first ever Behind the Scenes with Elon Tonight, covering the Pilot Premiere Screening Party from April 2010! Also, subscribe to our Youtube Channel or Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates about Elon Tonight sketches and information! Who knows… maybe YOU will the next guest of honor at an Elon Tonight Screening Party!

Essentially, WE are back, and YOU should get pumped.

And remember…

Elon Tonight. Basically the greatest thing ever.

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