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Casting Call[ed.]

September 28, 2010

Hey ET Fans!

So, some exciting developments have occurred in the world of Elon Tonight in the past week!

Firstly, we finally have a full-time Elon Tonight Cast! That’s right! 12 talented Elon students from many different backgrounds, ranging from musical theater, to improv, to musical comedy, to stand-up, have joined the show! Check it out!

Top Row (from left to right): Paloma White, Derek Scully, Ruth Sturm, Trevor Wynn, John Molloy, Ben Morris, Jayme Mantos, and Karrah Fleshman. Bottom Row (from left to right): Sean Liang, Claire Esparros, Julia Gallagher, and Andrew Keeler.

Secondly, to best introduce you to our new splendid new cast, we will be releasing Cast bios, videos, and other promotional materials to you in the coming weeks! Keep checking our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates!

Thirdly, be on the lookout for our SEASON PREMIERE, set to be released in late October! This show will feature all new material which we are currently in the process of producing and filming. Essentially, GET PUMPED. More Elon Tonight hilarity is headed your way in a matter of weeks!

Fourthly, and in conclusion…


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