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Season Premiere Party!

October 21, 2010

Hey ET Fans!

Are you still stuck in fall break mode? Are midterms dragging you down? Are you free next Monday, October 25? If your answer was YES to all of the above, then come take a break from school and laugh it up at the Elon Tonight Premiere Party! What’s better than watching a hilarious television show made for Elon students and made by Elon students? Nothing, that’s what! All of us at Elon Tonight have been working so hard to produce our first episode of the year, and it’s finally here (hey, that rhymed!).

The Premiere Party will be in the McEwen Screening room (001) at 8:00 (but the party don’t start till you walk in!). So put on your fancy pants, aka formal wear, and make your way down to McEwen to support the show and to have a few chuckles. Ok, I lied, you just might have more than a “few” chuckles, you actually will have quite a lot. So bring a friend! Bring 2 friends! Bring ALL your friends and share in the hilarity!


What: Episode 1 premiere party for Elon Tonight!

When: Monday, October 25 at 8:00

Where: McEwen Screening Room (001)

Dress: Formal Wear Encouraged

Why: The question is not “why”, it’s “why not?”


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